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Corporate Reputation and The News Media: The State of Media Effects Research On Organizations

Any communication and reputation manager knows that a good reputation adds value to a company. It buffers the negative impacts of a corporate crisis, is a competitive advantage, an intangible asset that helps to perform better in share value and market shares. Even though a company’s reputation is an important mean of corporate persuasion and provides the credibility that pays off in time of turbulence, a company’s reputation is also a weak asset, full of risks and pitfalls if it is poorly managed.

Craig Carroll, one of our visiting professors at the Master in Corporate Communication at IE, discusses the role of mass media in building and destroying a company’s reputation. In this virtual conference of about 1hour, he provides an overview of recent findings and future research in the area of mass media effects on corporate reputation.

He also explains to us how agenda-setting theory – typically applied to explain media effects in political communication, can be also be functional to explain media effects on organizations and their reputation. Finally, he discusses how business news are covered in developed, emerging, and frontier markets.

To watch the webinar you can connect to http://meet.ie.edu/p89921724/ [1]
You can follow our visiting professor at @CraigECarroll