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Written on January 19, 2012 by jrodriguez in News

People communicate with each other. We share our thoughts, experiences, ideas and emotions. We communicate these concepts and ideas through the creation of stories. By sharing our stories, we find common ground with others and create a sense of identity. We enjoy listening to others’ stories because this way it reinforces in our minds that every person has problems, ideas, and concepts similar to ours.

In terms of communication, companies are very similar than people. They are in an environment where they need to communicate with each other. The public sees these organizations as actors that behave in different ways, as if they were alive. Therefore, companies, societies, organizations need to create and shape their own “personality” (brand) through stories in order to identify with these individuals. By doing this companies will communicate themselves and they will reach the emotional side of people.

We have been talking about this during this week in the master. We have learned the basics of how to create a solid brand. Here are some of examples of how to create an emotional connection between a brand and the public through stories.
EF – Live the Languaje

Johnnie Walker – The Man Who Walked Around The World


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