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When academia meets first class professionals in Corporate Communication…

20th of February 2012, was an ordinary day? Not at all! We had our Advisory Committee meeting 2012 for the Master in Corporate Communication!

For us, MCC direction team, this meeting is of imperative importance. We see it as an occasion in which we are able to discuss with first class professionals about what is essential nowadays in order to educate professionals in Corporate Communication.  What kind of skills do you think young graduates usually lack? What kind of additional skills and training should be provided by Corporate Communication academic programs?  What is next in the profession? These are only some of the questions we debated.

The meeting was really a success not only because of the interesting discussions we had.  We believe it was an accomplishment especially because we saw that our committee members were really committed to share with us their beliefs and ideas. They are all first class top professionals who have a busy agenda. Nevertheless, despite this, they really prepared for the meeting and came with very good refreshing ideas.  For us, people having a passion in education, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing top professionals caring about the education in the area of corporate communication and the hard work we do. For this reason, we’d like to publicly thank them. To …


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