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Hussein Itany is studying the master in corporate communication at IE. Besides being one of the many busy MCC students he has the responsability of being the class representative. He represents the students concerns to the faculty member and the directors.

Why did you choose IE to pursue your studies in corporate communication?

Corporate communication at IE was not my very first choice neither a consideration since I didn’t knew about it. Even since I graduated from University as a Pharmacist, I knew that I wanted to get a business degree from a top prestigious school. So I began searching from Universities and came across IE which hosted events in Beirut. At first, I thought to do an MBA but then I realized that before I even go to this venture I should get more information about what are the subject in a MBA degree and learn them, so I enrolled in a short course in Business Administration… I hated it! So I knew that MBA was not my choice. After visiting them at an event, IE now have my name in their mailing list, I had the chance to get exposed to their new masters and among them was Masters in Corporate Communication and it was as they say “love at first sight” since I was extremely active in the communication NGO and social field and I have been working in sales department in a pharmaceutical company ever since I graduated. Tried to search for another University with similar program, But I couldn’t find a university that is among the top 10 business schools with such a program. After being a student for few months now, I think I made the right choice to study at IE.

What are the strong points of this master?

The strong points in this masters is its “practicability” since I am not only learning theory but I am acquiring new set of skills, I would never imagined that I would gain. IE shape your mindset to be an entrepreneur and a fighter. This masters gave me a practical approach for communication which I only have “experience” in it but with no true skills that can be matured.

What would you say to a person who is thinking in applying to the master?

Do you like the Business world? Are you social and have passion to meet new people and socialize? Do you like to always learn about new fields, getting exposed to new information and discuss them with people around you? Do you want to get insights about society trends? If you answer yes to most of these questions then this master is definitively for them.

Define the master with one word


Where do you see yourself after the master and how the program is helping you to develop new skills?

During my masters I had the advice from the career office at IE, which was of a lot of help in terms of how to think when applying to jobs, to continue working in a Pharmaceutical company but in the communication/marketing department since they are both my passion. I see myself in a pharmaceutical company in a position that bridges the Marketing effort with the communication ones to make them consistent and coherent for the company image. That’s my short term plan, My long term one is my own company and explore moreover my entrepreneurial side after I get a first hand one experience from the Communication working field. The set of skills I acquired are the scientific approach and the quantitative measures we can achieve even through an intangible asset such as communication. a person gets more scientific when he/she wants to make a decision concerning a communication plan.

How has the master changed in this second term comparison with the first one?

In the first term we got more theoretical information and cultural knowledge that would help us in shaping our mind to be future world leaders. As for the second term, I call it “Making change happen” where it gets more practical and less theoretical. I am looking forward for the third term to practice the “Making change happen” set of studies.

What are the challenges for a class representative in the MCC and how do you deal with these chanllenges?

. The Challenges as a Class representative is to ensure that you are not representing your voice or just some of the student voice; I represent the entire class voice. Even at some points where my opinion is completely the opposite of the entire class, I should behave ethical and not representing my idea or opinion during a meeting with the coordinator and play as advocate for the entire class and as a “lawyer” which protect their interest. The trick part in being a class representative that you get to play the role of a double agent lawyer, where when you see that there are misconceptions in the program (since you know some insights and info), you need to act as a lawyer for the program and defend it, and when there are misconception among the masters coordinators, you must clarify these misconception and play the class interest defender. In two words being the Devil’s Advocate in both sides. I believe playing such role is essential especially for the brainstorming session since they challenge the ideas and opinion to form even a better one and a class consensus (more or less). The down side in being a class representative is that sometimes you are taken personally and thus your integrity is somehow mistrusted. But overall, I am thankful for the opportunity that I received to represent our class. So far, it taught me a lot and I m still learning.


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