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Final Project Countdown

It is incredible how quick time passes when you are completely absorbed by something that is very important to you, your passion. In this case, the MCC.

I still cannot believe that in three weeks we will finish just a few remaining courses, which means the end of the second term. Now, what I am really looking forward to, and the rest of the class as well, is the Final project. During the last two months we will be doing a consulting project for a real company. A few weeks ago, the companies of which we may chose to work with were presented to us. I must say it was very difficult to choose one since all the companies and projects are stunning.

The projects offered include: National Geographic Store, Grant Thornton, Hopee (online broker of BNP Paribas), Travel Club, Google, and Vente Privee.

On behalf of the MCC class, I would like to thank Professor Illia, Briz and Vicedo for obtaining such great and interesting companies. This is a unique opportunity and one of the strongest points of the program that differentiates it from others.