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Dreaming with Brands

In two of our current classes, we have discussed the new 2012 Cartier campaign. The campaign is relevant because it is an example of the evolution of communication to the new digital age. In terms of visual production, advertisers can invest more in the production of a sophisticated advertisement rather than spending millions for a few seconds of exposure on television. Thanks to free online platforms such as YouTube.com or Vimeo.com, advertisers with an existing well-known brand prefer to invest their resources in the content. They put all their effort into building upon the personality, or expression of the brand.

L\’Odysse de Cartier [1]

The Cartier campaign brings to mind another incredibly sophisticated brand that partnered with one of the most important motion pictures creator, David Lynch. This director of movies such as Eraserhead or Muholland Drive, created a 15-minute noir short film for Christian Dior. The short film features the well-reputed French actress Marion Cotillard (Inception, Midnight in Paris).

Lady Blue Shanghai by David Lynch [2]

These examples show how companies take a step further to develop their brand. They differentiate themselves and give their brand character, creating more than a brand; creating something that stays in the mind of consumers… creating something that people aspire for. Taking this further step is a change from a simplistic narrative created for entertainment, to a more artistic, cultural narrative created to make an impact on viewers. These advertisers place their viewers at a higher regard, investing in something meaningful for them rather than the usual shallow work done by the more commercial advertisers.

We analyzed and discussed several campaigns like this throughout our MCC program. However, I urge those of you with a higher interest in such visually appealing campaigns to seek more information regarding IE’s new Master’s in Visual Communication which will launch next year.