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A perfect day to end the MCC 2011-12

Last 9th of July MCC students presented their final projects. One of the projects was awarded by the Weber Shandwick  – IE Award, but all students worked out first class projects!

It was a perfect day… that made the end of MCC 2011-12 intake really a great experience for all of us!

On behalf of IE, thanks for all the amazing work you did!

As a personal note, thanks for all the passion you put into your work through the year!

Consulting projects details  of this year are….


Department: Corporate Communication and Public Affairs 2011

Community, branding and reputation building: The project was commissioned to support Google in its community, branding and reputation strategy among software developers for Android.


Department: Corporate and Marketing Communications

Bring the new brand promise to be part of the DNA of the company: The project was commissioned to carry on a communication plan to help Grant Thornton to position its new brand promise among the top 5 big players in its industry. The final aim is to propose an internal and external communication plan.


Department : Department: PR and Communication 2011

E-commerce and luxury brands: brand and reputation management: The project was commissioned to help Vente Privée to increase the portfolio of luxury and cosmetics bands (BtoB image building) and increase awareness among consumers (BtoC image building) .


Department: Corporate and Marketing communication

Build a strong reputation and positioning: The project was commissioned to help National Geographic Store to strengthen its brand and reputation .The final aim was to build a communication plan for two major stores (Madrid and London), and to provide support for corporate communications of parent companies.