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The Strategic Role of the Corporate Communication Officer

What is the modern role of Corporate Communication Officers? What are the new challenges they are facing? How can they be part of the organization’s strategy?
These and other questions were raised by students during an event organized by IE School of Communication. According to Stephen Greyser, emeritus professor of Harvard Business School, the field nowadays faces big challenges and there are many changes taking place. “The field is much more sophisticated now than it used to be. The stakeholders have multiplied. There are much more to concern about. The community, regulators, government. This may have existed before, but they all take a seat at the stakeholder table”, says the professor.
The event also counted on the participation of Francisco Lurati, professor of Corporate Communication at the University of Lugano. “Successful CCOs today are the ones who are contributing to shape the strategy of the organizations”, explains the professor.
In the video bellow, you can see these specialists together, talking about this complex and interesting profession.