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2013 MCC Placement Report: good news from our Alumni!

We have conducted a Placement Report for the Master in Corporate Communication. Findings show that 81% of employed students found their current jobs in the first 6 months after graduation!

Read the full report
http://www.mcc.ie.edu/pdf/MCC_Placement_Report_2013.pdf [1]

About the study
–  Overall goal: assess employability of alumni of Master in Corporate Communication
–  Study from January 2013:  6 months after graduation 2011-12 intake and  18 months after graduation of 2010-11 intake
–  90% of alumni of MCC participated to the survey
– Sample is representative as proportions between sample and real population are respected

Sample in the study MCC Alumni Population
MCC 2010 30% 32%
MCC 2011 69% 68%


We take this opportunity also to thank the Alumni who participated to the survey!

MCC Program Direction Team