1939553_435534149925309_1739002132_nVENNY is a Bulgarian DJ brought up in Tokyo. Beside she is currently going to Keio SFC, which is one of the best universities to learn business and creative industry in Japan, she made her DJ debut at the age of 17, and now spins at the most famous clubs in Tokyo. Why a young girl could have made such an interesting experience and career. What made her so different from others? Is there anything we can learn from her? She answered those questions right before her first event that will take place at Origami, which is the best club where you can feel both the arts and the music in Tokyo, Japan.

To start with, let us know more about you. How and why did you start playing as a DJ?

V: One day in my adolescence, I decided to live life like a dream. It is a long story, but simply put, for me it was what brings back the pure excitement that you experience in childhood. I started learning and practicing when I was sixteen.

In the coming week, you will organize the event which will take place at Origami, which is one of the best and the most fashionable clubs in Tokyo now. What is the concept of this event and what do you try to do?

V: The concept of the event is “Dance Music × Cutting-edge Art × Health”. What I’m trying to do is, creating a clubbing experience that is appropriate for the future. That is why I putted “2100” in the name of the event.

Art has been essential to entertainment since long ago. Humans in the primitive age danced around fire singing songs. Public museums have existed since 15th century. And now, media arts are taking over the entertainment industries. Dynamic and programmed graphics that illuminate the shows, and 3D game softs for example. Media art, art that uses new technology, is being featured in entertainment more and more. Of course, just applying the newest thing is nonsense. The point is that media arts broaden the ability of entertainment. So, I decided to bring “Cutting-edge Art” in a “Dance Music” event at Origami.

Next, on “Health”. In 20th century people mainly focused on economic development, but gradually realised that they can’t keep going on that way. Then they started to focus on sustainability and mental well-being. Usually, partying is rather associated with self-destructiveness and unhealthiness. This tendency is particularly strong in Japan. Entertainment and Dance Music mainly exist to produce pleasure. So why not make it more sustainable? Health makes you more sustainable and gives you pleasure. This is why I added “Health” in the concept. The event is going to be held from 19:00 to 24:00, and people can sleep at home after that. There is also going to be some food, but not oily pizzas or fries. I plan on serving light meal that is rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants. It will help people not to get sick from drinking too.

The name of the event is “RAKUEN 2100”, and “rakuen” means Utopia in Japanese. My aim is not only to create a clubbing experience that is more futuristic, but also to remind people that this world could be their Utopia. Pleasure, sustainability and health all together.


Instead of just having a normal club music event, why do you make it combined with the media arts?

V: The reason is as stated in above, but if I should add something, just a party is okay but combined with art, it gets more charm, and it naturally matches with Dance Music because they are both strongly influenced by the digital technology.

What is the most difficult thing as well as the most significant point to make a bridge between creative people like artists and business people such as club owners and mangers?

VV: The most difficult thing is to blend these factors that at first sight don’t seem to match. Although, at the same time, it is the most exciting. I already talked about “Dance Music × Cutting-edge Art × Health”, but this time there are going to be wide variety of guests, both in age and backgrounds. It will help guests to make unusual new connections and make good synergy. Although, moreover, it is a message that Dance Music has a potential to be enjoyed by anybody.


In Japan, the club music industry has a sort of bad image and reputation. How do you try to overcome this difficulty?

VV: Introducing the “Dance Music × Cutting-edge Art × Health” experience to variety of people, including people that are offensive to nightclubs or Dance Music.


What are your future plans and what kind of ambitions do you have?

VV: I would like to be a person that can generate positive feelings in people.


For people who would like to be like you, give them some message?

VV: Follow your excitement. From time to time, remember that you are an essential part of the vast Universe.


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