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Written on March 26, 2015 by Vanessa Dezem Baida in News

Many people want to be famous and to live their own life. However, only a few people actually make it happen. Why? They miss something? They just misunderstand what is to live your own life? DJ SKEE is a mixtape pioneer, producer, Entrepreneur. He has pioneered his own life. Today, he shares the truth about his life with us.



1. For those who are not familiar with you, let us know more about you. How do you describe yourself for people who haven’t heard you?

DS: I don’t really know how to describe myself, but i’d say someone who likes to have fun, be different, challenge the old guard of the business, and empower others.


2. How did you get interested in the music, radio, and broadcasting?

DS: I always loved radio growing up. From the moment I played my first vinyl record on a turntable, I knew it was what i was going to do.


3. Compared to other media that you normally show up, our website is not that big. What is the reason that you accepted this interview offer?

DS: It’s not always about numbers. It’s about people doing cool things. Someone always has to step out and take a chance and be different and I thought my story might help empower some of the students reading it and hopefully inspire even just one person to go out and follow their dreams.


4. When you are on air, how does your mind work and how does it feel like? Do you perform and act in order to provide what the audience wants to hear and see or you just keep being yourself?

DS: It’s so natural now it just happens and I go with the flow. However, it took years and years to get to this point. I used to spend so much time practicing and preparing before I went on, and use so many takes. I’ve put in well over my 10,000 hours needed to master the craft so now I focus on not only the key points I want to get, but in listening to what others say and watching the reaction so I can tap into key points and not be so stuck to a script. You always have a clock in your head and know where you want to go even if it takes a few set up things to get there.


5. What does “media” mean to you and what is your philosophy to deal with the mass audience?

DS: Media is the delivery mechanism for the world to consume content. Each medium is different and should be treated as such. For example, with Dash Radio, we feel traditional FM radio is dying and created a new media network with Dash to optimize the experience for the audience and create the best broadcast radio media platform.




6. When you create something, what kind of processes do you have in your thought?

DS: How is it different, why is it needed, who else is doing something similar (and what is wrong), is it something I’m passionate about and think I will enjoy, what it the future of the market, and finally, if all those work, does it make business sense?


Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.46.11 AM


7. In order to achieve your goals, what is one thing that you pay attention to but the majority of people do not?

DS: The long term vision. It isn’t just about hear and now and being the biggest thing overnight. If you focus on your vision- creating the best quality in whatever you do and put a strategic plan around it- it will usually work out. You have to always be realistic with where you are at currently and your goals and pivot if things don’t work like you expect, but if you know your on the right path stay persistent and focused with it.



Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.49.56 AM


8. For the majority of people, your lifestyle is something beyond their imagination. However, you have proven that it is possible. In order to get your own lifestyle, what do you need to remember?

DS; I’m not supposed to be where I am. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon and had to work my way up as a kid from Minnesota to living the Hollywood dream with a LOT of obstacles, barriers, sacrifices, and more. However, if you want something bad enough, there is no one but yourself who can stop you. Anything is possible. Everything around us was built by others no different than you and I. Quit making excuses, put together a plan, work harder than anyone, and just find a way to make it happen.


9. What is a common misperception that people have about being “famous”?

DS: It’s easy and always awesome.


10. If you can make a call to 20-year-old DJ SKEE, what kind of advices you would give to him?

DS: It’s tough as everything I went through made me who I am today. I would have focused more on a lot of things I saw growing quickly around me and really focused on a select amount of things instead of trying to do everything. Most importantly I would say to enjoy yourself and take advantage of the great non work opportunities. I missed out on a lot of cool things because I was always busy working I wish I could go back and experience.




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