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What happens next? #IEWeekend

Hi candidates,

It was a pleasure to meet all of you in the past #IEWeekend fall 2015 edition. I am a current an IE MCC student, but this was my first IE Weekend as well. After all, I need to tell that I had an awesome weekend meeting all of you, you guys made the event a success.

We had sessions of creativity and innovation, up to one were we learned about entrepreneurial opportunities in the technological world. I was totally amazed by all the products you guys were able to create, putting into practice the class of the Prof. Peter Bryant. Nothing is better than learning by doing, and I can confirm that besides diversity, this is the essence of IE. 

Let’s not forget “The Paella Challenge”. So many chefs! For me, as a judge, was a tough decision. Let me congratulate once again the PaeIE Team for winning, and of course, having the best paella!

I hope you guys liked the IE experience: diversity, learn by doing, and work hard but play harder. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. So, what happens next? Apply to IE!

Until the next!

Suzanne Kiszivath

PS: Enjoy a recap from the weekend!

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