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Written on January 25, 2016 by jnelson in News

Last week the 2015-2016 Master in Visual and Digital Media (MVDM) had a session at the IE Venture Lab. As part of the practical, project-based component of the academic course for the MVDMers, this was also an opportunity for new start-up concepts within the Venture Lab to pitch their various entrepreneurial ideas with hopes working with one of the seven work teams that make up the MVDM group. Essentially, the entrepreneurs pitched, we (the MVDMers) voted on the concept we would most like to work with throughout the semester, and finally we were paired with teams. Although this is just the basic itinerary of the evening, a few things about entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial spirit stood out to me.

First, to say that the range of ideas presented on the evening was wide would be an understatement. We heard pitches from enterprises that had every type of characteristic you could think of – from digitally based to product based, from finance to culinary – through a sliver of the scope of what modern entrepreneurship has to offer, we saw an ample range of possibilities presented in just a few hours. But how, how can there be so many entrepreneurs loaded into one building? Is this really an organic environment for innovation, and if so, why are we of value as budding specialists in all that is communication, digital, creativity and media?

My preliminary conclusions are telling me this — entrepreneurship is not an engrained trait, nor is it solely the skillset of persuasion. One thing that it seems quality entrepreneurial ideas have in common is not even this buzzword of “innovation”. The common factor is closeness to a process. There appear to be a few things, innovative-mindset, detail-orientation, peripheral vision, flexibility, resilience, and other traits of concepts that mesh together to tell a story. An environment that promotes the formation of such a story will find success. Realization that as students in a course defined as Visual and Digital Media, one of our greatest assets is the ability of means through which narratives and journeys might be creatively expressed is of unexplainable importance to the entrepreneurial process itself, adding value for those telling their story and those who ultimately listen. In the end, an average story that is well-communicated can be far more valuable than a good story that is poorly communicated.

Now my group is working with ShareMad, a digital sharing platform for surfing and potentially other sporting equipment. Alongside some talented MVDMers, these promising start-ups will have much to tell in the coming months, look out for it!



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