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Advertisements in the Super Bowl

Written on February 7, 2012 by Maria Clara Otegui in News

Advertisers are willing to pay whatever it takes to be on the field of the Super Bowl but the real challenge is to get the brand noticed in such a championship.

The average amount paid for a 30-second commercial to be broadcasted during Sunday’s game was as much as $3.5 million! With an audience above 111 million viewers, this is by far an opportunity only for the big ones.

In a recent article from the Business Week, it has been concluded that there are several features that attract the audience which were used in many of the advertisements. On the first place, sex sells. Brands like Toyota and the automaker Kia used this resource to attract the attention, and even H&M chose to use David Beckham in his underwear. Secondly, celebrity endorsement is definitely a choice for the big brands. Apart from sports’ celebrities, others such as Clint Eastwood and Donald Trump appeared in the ads. Also, other commercials made associations with older ones, giving a sense of nostalgia by using images that could be easily identified from past successful spots. And, of course, the use of humour has proved to be successful when it comes to ads. M&M’s spot has a fun story, combined with popular music and sex which resulted in an excellent commercial.

Another interesting point that need to be highlighted is the controversy that Chrysler’s ad created after being accused of having a political message. In yesterday’s edition of The New York Times says “Some conservative critics saw the ad as political payback and accused the automaker of handing the president a prime-time megaphone in front of one of the largest television audiences of the year.” This was a two-minute commercial in which Clint Eastwood, “an icon of American brawn, likening Chrysler’s comeback to the country’s own economic revival.”

More than 45 commercials were showed during the Super Bowl. Apart from the ones already mentioned, some of the brands which payed those million dollars were Coca Cola, Pepsi, Budweiser, Samsung, M&M, the online florist Teleflora, and the automotive brands Honda, Volkswagen, Fiat, besides Kia, Chrysler and Toyota. Once more, Super Bowl has proven to be the show were all brands want to play.

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The commercials broadcasted during the Super Bowl are available in
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