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Marketing in a big online company

Written on March 1, 2013 by Vanessa Dezem Baida in News

“The biggest trend in marketing strategy nowadays is the focus on mobile”. This is how Antonio Abalos, the head of marketing for Amazon BuyVIP in Spain, defines the future of marketing. The 31 years old Spaniard joined Amazon´s team in April 2011 and came from Facebook, where he worked as a Growth Leader. In the Amazon’s shopping club, he develops the marketing plans and strategies for the online global company.

Bellow, find the interview in which he gives us his perspectives about the trends in this area.








What are the biggest challenges in heading an online company´s marketing area nowadays? 

A.A: Working in an online environment is a constant challenge, since new opportunities and initiatives come up every month. You need to have full control of every acquisition and communication channel to be able to define a good marketing strategy. However, the main challenge for any area manager is to hire and develop a good team. Having the best talent around you –people with more expertise than yourself about specific business areas– is the only option to succeed in this industry. Also, you need to make sure all your team members have clear career goals and that you will be able to help them grow inside the company.


What is specific from a big e-commence company as Amazon? 

A.A: Well, big companies have big plans, so probably the most peculiar thing about working at Amazon or any other large online business is that you have to align with other countries and departments before taking any action. Besides this, you also benefit from a well-known brand and a defined global marketing strategy that you need to adjust to some local needs.


What is changing, in terms of marketing strategy, with the strengthen of social media?

A.A: We need to consider social media as a key part of the marketing strategy. We need to be where our customers are, and we know they spend a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter. Also, social channels are great for e-commerce, since we usually share with our friends what we buy, the coolest offers, great discounts… so a big part of the acquisition budget is dedicated to social ads.


In your opinion, what are the big trends in marketing strategy? 

A.A: I guess the main trend right now is the focus on a mobile strategy. As online retailers, we need to offer our customers the possibility to buy what they want at any time and place. One of every two phones in Spain is a smartphone, so every new marketing plan or strategy has to take this into account. As an example of this, we have launched and Amazon BuyVIP apps for iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire…


IE School of Communication – IE University – has organized the 53rd meeting “Scientists and Professionals in Communication”, where Carolina Cobos, Country Manager of Qype Spain, will present a talk in English on our Madrid Campus about “Global Marketing Communications: how to communicate effectively across cultures”.


Carolina Cobos. Director of Qype an Adjunct Professor at IE School of Communication
Thursday, January 12th, 18:30 – 20:00
María de Molina 27, Room M-001
Live Streaming Available

About the event:
Globalization or glocalization? Now that the world is suffering drastic geopolitical changes and economic powers are moving from the US and Europe to Asia, companies have to be prepared to market their products/services in new areas. This means becoming familiar with different habits and behaviors that need to be monitored and understood when planning an effective communications campaign. Taking into account, language, non-verbal communication and values, such as individualism vs. collectivism, religion and traditions is key. The examples speak for themselves: the Swedish furniture giant IKEA had to reconsider the name “FARTFULL” for one of its new desks. A soft drink was introduced into Arab countries with an attractive label that had six-pointed stars. The Arabs interpreted this as pro-Israeli and refused to buy it. The soft drink Fresca was being promoted by a saleswoman in Mexico, who was greeted with laughter and later was embarrassed when she found out fresca is slang for “easy with men/too liberal.

About the speaker:
Carolina Cobos is Director of Qype, Europe’s leading review site, with 25 million monthly visits and 5 million reviews (in 8 languages), comments and pictures. The community can write reviews in the website,, or in the mobile app, that has already been downloaded 2 million times. Carolina is responsible for the management in Spain, including b2c (users), b2b (companies concerned with online reputation) marketing and partnerships. Qype is a trusted and independent source of information both at home and abroad. Users rate the places they visit (from 1 to 5 stars) and share their information with the community already present in 12 countries.
Carolina is an expert in cross cultural strategic communications. She has been communications director for companies such as Telefónica, KPMG, Discovery and senior consultant for others such as Repsol, Barclays and Philips. Furthermore, she has a degree in Journalism from Universidad Complutense, Madrid, and has a Masters in Global Marketing Communication & Advertising from Emerson College, acquired with a Fulbright grant.

Should you have any questions about this event or IE in general, feel free to send us an email at

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