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Chloe Younes, wishes you a Happy New Year.

Written on January 9, 2014 by Eric Rivas in News


The 1st term of the Master programs at IE School of Communication is gone, now the students are back from christmas vacation and during the break, Chloe Alexandra Younes, candidate of the #MCC posted a note in her Facebook account entitled, “2013 – Closing Statement <3”

She talks about her first months experience here at Madrid as a student of IE Business School, she writes in a marvelous, and very honest way… I couldn’t feel more related and so I asked her permission to share this with you guys. I hope you all like it!

2013 – Closing statement <3

December 31, 2013 at 3:18pm – Chloe Alexandra Younes “Master in Corporate Communication”

When 2013 began I asked myself a question; which went along these lines:

What am I going to do this year to flourish, to grow more – as an individual?

I decided that I wanted to excel this year. I decided to apply for my Masters.

So I did. I applied for my Masters in Corporate Communication at the IE Business School in Madrid.

As the days started to pass I began to feel frustrated with the burden and anticipation of receiving an interview, let alone an acceptance!

I eventually received THE e-mail from this highly prestigious university – which requested interviews con mi via Skype! YAY! How exciting was that?

I eventually got the acceptance letter I had so eagerly been awaiting!

I knew then and there that this was an opportunity I would not miss out on- not for anything – not for anyone.


Before taking the decision to take that leap of faith and leave everyone and everything I ever knew – little did I know that I was making one of the finest decisions of my life. At first it was daunting. It was daunting in such a way that I had constant panic attacks; I had a zillion questions, questions which I had no answers to; I feared the unknown so bad it made me anxious.

I was afraid to leave my dogs. I was afraid to leave the remarkable people and friends whom I loved with every inch of my pumping heart. I was afraid to leave the family whom I was down-right dependent on – and to be thrown into a sphere of uncertainties.

I had no idea what Spain had in store for me.

I had no idea what sort of friends I would encounter;

Would they be kind?

Would we connect? And if so, on what level?

Today, 3 months into Masters, and one year from 2013: I stand proud to say: I did it.

I left everything behind and I did it; I left. I left Beirut. I left everything and everyone I ever cared for.

But here’s the deal: In doing so, I grew tremendously.

I have to point out though: it got harder before it got easier.

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there”


Not only did I have to adapt to an entire new city, language and culture. I had to deal with a tough and heart-wrecking break up which at the time, thought would demolish me.

But it did not, on the contrary – it made me tougher.

It made me realize that only the strong survive.

It made me realize that when you think it’s bad, It’s not THAT bad – and when it’s THAT bad – it could always be worse.

It made me realize that you have no idea how durable you are capable of being until you are required to fight.

Resilience is key and acceptance is king.

So, ANYWAY … In taking that step, that step that had terrified me for the longest time – I became a fiercer person. I became a different person; a person I never thought I would grow to be.

So far, I’ve crossed paths with genius professors; I made the most savvy, witty and entertaining friends (SHOUT OUT TO ALL* MY FAVORITE-OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD-TO-DIE-FOR MCC’ERS). I left each class richer than ever before. I became familiar with the Spanish culture. I began learning the Spanish language! I was exposed to evermore diverse cultures and evermore diverse values; which is one of the great wonders of globalization.

And this is only the beginning. The very end of 2013, and the beginning of the very interesting journey of 2014 –


If I have one piece of advice for anyone today, it would be this:

Take a step outside your comfort zone – you will be surprised by the outcomes.

You will be overwhelmed with what you could accomplish.

You will grow; and what a wonderful feeling it is to grow.


I hope you all accomplish great things in this 2014 –

I hope you don’t forget to be RAW*

I hope you don’t forget to DREAM*


¡Feliz año Nuevo a todos!

“Cheers to a new year, and another chance for us to get it right”

P.S: A Big thank to my MCC’ers and everyone whose been there – for literally ROCKING* the past 3 months with me and a big thank you in advance – because I expect nothing less from such awesome* people like you – for the coming months!

Let’s do this! (I can’t tag everyone but I do mean this for everyone!)

Chloe Alexandra Younes


Congratulations MCC 2012-13 intake!!!

Written on July 11, 2013 by Laura Illia in News

Last monday 8th of July 2013 students presented their final projects for the Master in Corporate Communicatio (MCC).  Clients this year were: Western Palace, McDonalds, Hoffman Group (Vitalia), and Air Europa (Globalia). Congratulations to all our student for their works!!

I would like to thank the coaches who followed students during these final works: Cristina Vicedo and Juan Briz.  Also, my appreciation goes to the members of the jury of this year for their valuable comment and their professionality: Pedro Cifuentes, Vincent Doyle and Tony Bing.

This year Maria de la Torre and Raquel Capellas (Weber Shandwick  – WS)  examined the different projects presented by  students from the program. They decided to give the IE-WS award to the team Globalia (Air Europa) : Christopher Meyer (Germany),  Aysel Omarova (Azerbaiyan), Julia Licheva; (Bulgaria), Estrella Jaramillo (Spain), Chiara Olimpieri (Italy) and Luisa Pittier (Venezuela). Congratulations!

Pictures final project MCC Academic year 2013



2013 MCC Placement Report: good news from our Alumni!

Written on March 12, 2013 by Laura Illia in News

We have conducted a Placement Report for the Master in Corporate Communication. Findings show that 81% of employed students found their current jobs in the first 6 months after graduation!

Read the full report

About the study
–  Overall goal: assess employability of alumni of Master in Corporate Communication
–  Study from January 2013:  6 months after graduation 2011-12 intake and  18 months after graduation of 2010-11 intake
–  90% of alumni of MCC participated to the survey
– Sample is representative as proportions between sample and real population are respected

Sample in the study MCC Alumni Population
MCC 2010 30% 32%
MCC 2011 69% 68%


We take this opportunity also to thank the Alumni who participated to the survey!

MCC Program Direction Team


Let´s begin!

Written on October 30, 2012 by Vanessa Dezem Baida in News

Enthusiasm, excitement and expectations. These are some of the words that can briefly describe the feelings and thoughts of the new students in the Opening Days of the IE School of Communication.

Besides the motivation we can see in the Master in Corporate Communication students, the October intake gets a boost with the two new programs that will contribute to stir our community:  Master in Digital Journalism and Master in Visual Media Communication.

Packed with news and welcome wishes, the Opening Days started to prepare the students for the next months, which are going to be full of studying, discovering, discussing and, of course, making new friends, in a diverse and dynamic academic environment.
You can see all that in our Youtube link below. Enjoy!



When CSR Clicks

Written on September 7, 2012 by Laura Illia in News

It is my pleasure to welcome you back to the 2012-13 Academic Year!

What a better occasion to inform you that  I recently published an article  at Communication World, the  professional oriented magazine by International Association for Business Communicators (IABC) on the topic of CSR communication . The article presents the preliminary results of a study that was conducted with the help of our MCC alumni 2010-11 intake. It has been co-authored with Silvia McCallister and Belen Rodriguez Canovas.

Abstract of the article:

Companies’ programs for communicating their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities to the public and to their stakeholders should be well-run, strategic and impactful. However, companies must navigate a complex web of diverse stakeholder groups with different needs and motivations. This study, conducted thanks to IABC Research Foundation, aims to identify best practices in the area of online CSR communication. It explores how companies communicate the CSR programs across their corporate CSR websites and other online tools and how they intend to reach out to multiple stakeholders in a way that is simple, credible and interactive.

You find the entire article here at:

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank our MCC Alumni collaborating in the study, and also congratulating them for their  job positions!  Special thanks goes to:

Silvia McCallister (Associate Director at IE Master in Management)

Vesna Boskovic (Communication Manager)

Sen Peng (Official at Development & Reform Bureau, BDA Administration)

Jonathan Ruadez (Account Executive at Nexus)

Ai Sullivan (Stakeholder Manager at World Economic Forum)


A perfect day to end the MCC 2011-12

Written on July 17, 2012 by Laura Illia in News

Last 9th of July MCC students presented their final projects. One of the projects was awarded by the Weber Shandwick  – IE Award, but all students worked out first class projects!

It was a perfect day… that made the end of MCC 2011-12 intake really a great experience for all of us!

On behalf of IE, thanks for all the amazing work you did!

As a personal note, thanks for all the passion you put into your work through the year!

Consulting projects details  of this year are….


Department: Corporate Communication and Public Affairs 2011

Community, branding and reputation building: The project was commissioned to support Google in its community, branding and reputation strategy among software developers for Android.


Department: Corporate and Marketing Communications

Bring the new brand promise to be part of the DNA of the company: The project was commissioned to carry on a communication plan to help Grant Thornton to position its new brand promise among the top 5 big players in its industry. The final aim is to propose an internal and external communication plan.


Department : Department: PR and Communication 2011

E-commerce and luxury brands: brand and reputation management: The project was commissioned to help Vente Privée to increase the portfolio of luxury and cosmetics bands (BtoB image building) and increase awareness among consumers (BtoC image building) .


Department: Corporate and Marketing communication

Build a strong reputation and positioning: The project was commissioned to help National Geographic Store to strengthen its brand and reputation .The final aim was to build a communication plan for two major stores (Madrid and London), and to provide support for corporate communications of parent companies.


Field project Kick off Meeting

Written on May 11, 2012 by jrodriguez in News

After two intense terms, we have reached the last term of the MCC. The moment we have all been looking forward to has arrived: the final field project. In this project, each team has to solve a communication dilemma a company proposes.

This week we had the first meeting with our respective companies we are going to work for as consultants. During this meeting, the person from the company we met with gave us the background information about their target market, market research they have done so far, vision and values of the company, business model… This meeting is the first step for each group. From here we will build a project and a strategy for the company applying all we have been putting in to practice and learning during the MCC in the past two semesters. The first task we are working on is a positioning paper where we will have to state the problem statement and dilemma of the company, our objectives, and the methods we are going to use in order to solve the problem and reach our objectives.

After the first meeting, I can say this project is going to be a great experience. On one hand, it will be a lot of work but at the same time a lot of fun. Throughout the project, we will work as professional consultants. We will have more meetings with the company in order to attain more information and to show them our progress on the tasks we are developing for them. At the same time, we will have next to us our professors-coaches who will guide us during the whole process. I think this is a great and unique experience that the MCC offers since we, as students, will work in a professional environment but with the supervision of the academics thus, we have the opportunity to improve our skills in all the aspects as the project develops. We will have the good things from both the professional and didactic realms.

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