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Video – IE Master in Digital Journalism

Written on June 10, 2013 by Begoña González-Cuesta in News

Have you seen the latest Master in Digital Journalism video? Listen to what students and professors have to say. You can learn about our program, professors and vision in less than four minutes!

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New Programs, new paths

Written on November 2, 2012 by Vanessa Dezem Baida in News

Alice is Italian, worked in the area of public relations and wants to be an international reporter. Sena is Turkish, worked as content editor of a tourism project in Istanbul and wants to be a digital journalist abroad. Masaaki is Japanese, worked as a financial strategist and wants to understand the deep concept of Visual Media. Betsy is American, studied communication in West Virginia University and has a passion for helping people.

These and other stories have just started to cross in the two new programs of IE. The Master in Digital Journalism and the Master in Visual Media Communication are the places where these people paths start or restart. They have made different choices in life, but have something in common: they want to be more.

Bellow, new IE Communication students share their expectations for the next 10 months.


Alice Podenzana, 23, Italy

Before IE: worked for two years as a Public Relations and I had an internship experience of almost a year in an NGO committed to the training and information aimed at young people.

Sena Çakıroğlu,23, Turkey

Befor IE: editor in  Armador Technologies Inc.




Masaaki Hasegawa, 25, Japan
Before IE: worked at Daiwa Securities as a financial strategist




Betsy Ditrinco, 26, USA
Before IE:  was at West Virginia University earning a masters in Communication Theory and Research





Why did you choose IE School of Communication?

Alice: Once graduated, I found myself in front of an infinite amount of opportunities. It was time to choose the path that would lead me to the professional world. What to do? I am very ambitious so I cannot settle and always find the best for me. That’s why my decision focused in IE Business School. I have always loved to write and I’ve never had the opportunity to seriously study journalism. I felt it was the right time and, into the various options of Master related to this field, I had no doubts: IE. Why? For the prestige of the school. But, also for the professionalism of its staff in the selection process / admission, for the completeness and originality of the Master’s program, for the cloister of professors of the highest level. Because it reflected what I was looking for: the excellence and the best training I could find in Madrid.

Sena: I knew the international recognition of IE, but what strikes me the most is its emphasis on digital media and innovation. Depending upon the development of new technologies in the late century, the way of communication is changing rapidly and it makes the usage of digital tools inevitable. To be able to practice as a journalist in this changing world, understanding new approaches and dynamics of the digital media are crucial. So, considering IE’s focus on the new digital business models and innovative real-life projects,  I believe, it is the right place to study Digital Journalism.

Masaaki: Because the course is well balanced between aspects of business and creative work. And, most important, students are culturally diversified very much. No matter how economically developed, the Japanese society is pretty much closed. For example, in my company, one of the biggest companies in Japan, still treat foreigners differently from Japanese people, and business is based seniority and paternalism. Though I like Japanese art culture and cities, it is difficult for me to accept Japanese social norms and common-sense. In that respect, I believe that I would be able to learn and touch lots of different cultures in IE that would expand my possibility to work and live all over the world.

Betsy: I chose IE for the prestigious reputation, the experience abroad, the incredibly diverse student body, and the structure of the MVMC program.


How were the first weeks of the Program?

Alice: The first weeks of the Master has been a great challenge for me. I found myself in a few days alone in a totally international, to study something that is totally new for me: digital journalism. My class is made up of 12 students from Spain, Brazil, U.S., Turkey, each with a different academic background but many already linked professionally to the world of journalism and more with a good level of English. No doubt the language barrier scared me. I had a feeling it would be more difficult than expected. But as the days passed, after following the first courses, getting to know the first professors and have started knowledge with classmates, anxieties and fears are disappearing to give way to motivation and desire to learn as much as possible.

Sena: We had several workshops and team building activities with students from other  programs. It was helpful to break the ice with people from different background and culture and get a sense of being part of IE community. Overall, the atmosphere was so vibrant, welcoming and motivated. This gave me a sense that anything is  possible/achievable at IE

Masaaki:  First weeks were pretty exciting. As I expected, I could meet a lots of people from all over the world and know different cultures. In addition, some of friends from same class introduced me local people and therefore, I can now enjoy both university life and personal life in Madrid.

Betsy: So far, so good! The professors are all incredibly experienced and so eager to help us accomplish our individual goals. I have also met so many amazing students from every corner of the world which enhances my education in ways I never anticipated.


 What do you expect from the Program?

Alice: The best, of course! This master was an investment not only economic but also personal. So my goal (and my hope!) is growing in these 10 months professionally and personally.  I want to learn as much as possible and take advantage of all the opportunities that this university can give me.

Sena: I expect this program to give us the ultimate motivation and knowledge to become well-rounded digital journalists who are not only efficient in writing and reporting but also have a comprehensive look at digital media and an understanding of dynamics of  the changing world.

Masaaki: I expect IE to provide opportunities to learn philosophy and deep concept related to Visual Media, not historical facts or superficial computer techniques. It is certainly true that IE is the academic place but I would like to learn from people who have practical experience and ability to combine conceptual things and business.

Betsy: I expect to refine my group work skills, learn from everyone around me, build a foundation of business skills. When I’m done I expect to be able to successfully orchestrate a visual project from start to finish with a team of various professionals.


What are your career plans after IE?

Alice: As I said before, I love writing. My dream is to become part of a major newspaper or magazine, possibly as an international reporter.

Sena: I certainly wish to gain professional experience as a digital journalist abroad, be part of innovative projects and try to understand other business tools in digital world as well.

Masaaki: Actually, I have not decided which industry I would get into right after graduation.

Betsy: I am very open to many different opportunities after IE. I would love to get involved in media initiatives – I have an innate passion for helping others so possibly health campaigns or helping to create awareness for a non-profit through visual media.


Let´s begin!

Written on October 30, 2012 by Vanessa Dezem Baida in News

Enthusiasm, excitement and expectations. These are some of the words that can briefly describe the feelings and thoughts of the new students in the Opening Days of the IE School of Communication.

Besides the motivation we can see in the Master in Corporate Communication students, the October intake gets a boost with the two new programs that will contribute to stir our community:  Master in Digital Journalism and Master in Visual Media Communication.

Packed with news and welcome wishes, the Opening Days started to prepare the students for the next months, which are going to be full of studying, discovering, discussing and, of course, making new friends, in a diverse and dynamic academic environment.
You can see all that in our Youtube link below. Enjoy!


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